Momentum for change: research and advocacy reducing alcohol harm

7-9 October 2015, EICC Edinburgh

Welcome from GAPA

The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance was born out of the need to build a global movement to reduce alcohol-related harm through the promotion of evidence based alcohol policies free from the influence of commercial interests. The endorsement in 2010 of the World Health Assembly’s global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol gave further impetus to the need for such a movement.

The need to advance the global strategy is greater than ever. Alcohol use, after high blood pressure and smoking, is ranked third as the leading cause of global death and disability.

If non-communicable diseases are to be successfully addressed then the consumption of alcohol must be reduced. This can only be achieved by creating and sustaining a strong political will to reduce the burden of disease at global, national and community level.

GAPA was delighted to accept Alcohol Focus Scotland’s invitation to host our 2015 conference. It provides the opportunity to acknowledge their advocacy strategies and to share in the experience of advocates in other regions and countries of the world. Importantly, we can pay tribute to the Scottish Government for the political courage it has shown to implement appropriate policy in the face of stiff opposition by the drinks industry.

Let us take the opportunity provided by GAPC 2015 to strengthen collaboration, networking and mobilization of civil society, academia and policy makers to advance and sustain a much-needed global movement.

Derek Rutherford, GAPA Chair

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