Momentum for change: research and advocacy reducing alcohol harm

7-9 October 2015, EICC Edinburgh

Welcome from First Minister of Scotland

I’d like to welcome you to Edinburgh for what is an extremely important conference to share the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have. Having this discussion platform can only inspire us to work to reduce the harm that alcohol can cause.

Alcohol misuse is a problem that affects people from all walks of life and we should be proud that Scotland’s alcohol strategy has been recognised around the globe. We have introduced more than 40 measures to address alcohol misuse, including reducing consumption, supporting families and communities and improving treatment and support services.

However, we are always looking to do more. For example, we know that alcohol has become around 60 per cent more affordable since the 1980s and it is no coincidence that as affordability has increased, alcohol-related harms have risen.  It’s exactly why we passionately believe in the need to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol and further reduce levels of misuse.

The Scottish Government, and everyone at this conference, wants to reduce alcohol-related harm and hopefully by coming together and sharing best practice, knowledge and ideas, we can come up with the actions and policies that we need to achieve our goal.

Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland


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