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7-9 October 2015, EICC Edinburgh

Visa Information


Applying for a Visa


The earliest you can apply for a visitor’s visa is three months before the date of travel to the UK. You are advised to begin your application as soon as possible within this period, as the process is not trivial. According to the UKBA's statement on visa processing times, applications for short trips may in some cases take up to 12 weeks to be resolved.

You can apply for a visa online at Visa4UK, the official British Government website for visa applications:

Please note that neither The Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA), Alcohol Focus Scotland nor NHS National Services Scotland (SHSCEvents) are authorised to provide official advice to conference attendees on visa issues. Should your application be denied, GAPC cannot change the decision of the UKBA, nor can we engage in discussion or correspondence with the UKBA or the British Embassy on behalf of the applicant.

Confirmation of involvement in GAPC and requests for supporting documentation

Applications for visas and other travel documents may need to be supported with official letters confirming that GAPC will take place on the dates declared, or that we recognise you as a contributor.  Should you require an official letter of invitation to support an entry visa application or funding bid, please contact SHSCEvents who are managing the conference on GAPA’s behalf.  All requests should be directed to

To ensure that you get the document(s) you need as quickly as possible, please make sure that you state the following:

  • the reason(s) why you need documentation (immigration visa, bid for travel funds from your institution, etc)
  • your full name, in the exact format that will be needed for the documentation you are seeking
  • your current contact details
  • the full contact details of any specific organisation to which the letter should be addressed, if this is a requirement
  • details of any special information which needs to be covered in the letter.

SHSCEvents are managing all GAPC registrations, and will verify all requests for accuracy. You are, therefore, required to register for the conference before any documentation will be forwarded.

In the event that your VISA application is declined any fees paid will be refunded.

Supporting Organisations

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